BET Hip-Hop Awards Preview!:’s Top 5 Kanyest Hip-Hop Moments (a.k.a. The Yeezy Awards)

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Sure, he has plenty of haters and detractors, but when has that ever stopped Kanye West from being the most Kanyest Kanye he can be at all times?

No matter which side of the Kanye likeability scale you rest on, there is no denying that he has been doing it to death for the greater part of a decade – creating good music and plenty of water cooler conversations along the way.

This past year might represent some of his most Kanyest times ever, as we witnessed him release the soon-to-be-classic Watch The Throne with Jay-Z, wife up the queen of reality TV, talk the most trash in lyrics that he’s talked in years (“The media crucify me like they did Christ/ They wanna find me not breathin’ like they found Mike” – oh, word?), and put the final touches on a diabolical movement he calls G.O.O.D. Music…


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