Hip-Hop Rumors: Meek Mill Plays Roscoe Dash, Says “You Must Not Be Getting No Money”

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Yesterday, Roscoe Dash had a Twitter meltdown and blasted Kanye West and Wale for taking credit for his work.

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In a flurry of tweets, Dash proclaimed that he deserved credit for the track “To the World”, and that he also wrote the hook to Wale and Miguel’s #1 hit song, “Lotus Flower Bomb”.

Well, Meek Mill didn’t take too kindly to Roscoe Dash putting his MMG label mate on blast and came to his defense. Check out what he tweeted Roscoe Dash below:

Wow, I think Meek may be right. Artists stiff songwriters all the time now. Why else would Dash be complaining?

The new Twitter beef doesn’t end here, Roscoe Dash went on to put Meek Mill on blast for apologizing to him via a DM for calling him a “b*tch.”

This is getting weirder…

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