Hip-Hop Rumors: Clark Atlanta Puts The Money Up, T.I. Turns It Down?


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You know T. I. is from ATL, right? Bankhead, I do believe. I thought it was Buckhead once and got totally messed up once. Nevertheless, the homey Tip must be doing very well these days. This dude , I am being told, was offered a MEAN $80,000 to perform a 45 minute set at the prestigious Clark Atlanta University! And T.I. reportedly said NAW!

Now, I don’t know what his money is like, but it must be GREAT for him to turn down such easy money. But, here is the thing. People around the way are mumbling a bit. “Why wouldn’t T.I. do a show like that for his hometown folks?” Nobody really knows the answer, but I’m sure the reasoning is good. I need a reality show, because the paper must be magnificent! CAU, hit me up at kingillseed@gmail.com and I will perform for yall…$10k!

Anyway, T.I,’s a busy…

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